A Hike to Delhi
Current Step: Getting Started

Mental Hiking

Learning is a lot like hiking. With each step, we can learn something new. And at each step, it is important to have sure footing before taking the next.

In this online learning module, you will take a short intellectual hike—mostly through unfamiliar areas.

At each step in this hike, certain information will be presented for your study. Study carefully. After each study step, you will be asked to answer a question about what you have just learned. If your response is correct, you will continue to the next study step. If not, you will return to the previous step until you have “gotten your footing”.

NOTE: You may not agree with everything you study here. That's okay! Your correct responses during this hike will help you gauge your basic comprehension of what some people have done and said. Understanding of what the other is saying is a necessary condition for effective dialogue and all rational discourse.

Topic: Basic Insights for Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Approximate Study Time: 1 hour


  1. Take your time! You can take as much time as you need to study carefully. Take a break at any step.
  2. Complete this module in a single Web session. Leave your browser open for as long as it takes to complete this module.
  3. Only use the Next Step and Continue buttons to move from one step to the next.
  4. Use the Backpack. Click the green Backpack button at the left edge of the page to access special resources (like the Glossary) for this module.
  5. Explore side trails if you want more detail or clarification:
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    Link to video Audio/video link
    When you are done, close the link window to return to the main study path.
  6. Click the Next Step button below when you are ready to start your learning hike.


Development of this module was supported in part by The East-West Center at the University of Hawaii and by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Please refer to the Bibliography in the Backpack for information on sources used for this learning module.


Online Learning Hike: A Hike to Delhi | 2017 | Portland Community College