NAFTA Redux?
After Vicente Fox was elected Mexico's president in July 1999, he proposed a long-term plan for opening North American borders. Is a North American economic union inevitable sometime this century? 


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Background of the Issue

Mexican President Vincente Fox has introduced a radical idea to the governments of the United States and Canada -- an economically united North America with open borders that views Mexico as an asset rather than a threat.

If capital can flow freely between nations, Fox asks, why not people? So far, Fox has received a lukewarm response from his northern neighbors, but this is certainly a question that needs to be asked and cannot be ignored.

Each year, an estimated 340,000 Mexicans head to America -- some legally, many illegally. More than 7 million migrants are now living in the U.S., or a number that's equal to around seven percent of Mexico's population.

It's easy to see why so many people are leaving. In Mexico, if they have jobs, they earn $5 a day. They can easily earn ten times that at a minimum wage job in the U.S. With a booming economy and a tight labor market in the U.S., there are plenty of opportunities for poor migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and the rest of Latin America.


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