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Mik Sturm stutters and hesitates a lot. He's unsure of almost everything except that he's an orphan and eager to begin work as a reclusive scientist—a comfortable, quiet life.

Then, an assassin with a focal razor almost kills Mik, and his first job assignment requires him to change his identity and become Ace Bing Wong, a recently deceased Martian mining tycoon whose dark skin and stocky body are a good match with his.

But it's not a good mind match. Mik must quickly learn to think and act like the promiscuous, brash, and crude Ace who is returning to Mars to resume his position as owner and president of Wong Elements.

At the beginning of the 22nd century, in a world of chatty machines, pervasive surveillance, immersive Virtual/Augmented Reality, and standardized brain conditioning, the inhabitants of Earth become passive and pliant while the humans on Mars become increasingly restive and violent.

Both Mik and Ace must fix something wrong on Mars. But can either of them endure the torment in a desolate and painful VAR world designed by some of Mik's former professors? Probably not.

Zeus Alone Worlds

Zeus Alone is a science fiction novel by Joseph Corrado.
Contact: jkc@centroidcafe.com.

The Grid Falls
by Joseph Corrado

Read Chapter 1 of Zeus Alone.

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