Centroid Network

Web Media Syndicate
Delivering proactive and alternative coverage of selected news stories + Tracking pivotal issues beyond their typically short headline cycles + Monitoring global media issues and current developments + Linking affiliates in a common bond of concern and support.

Centroid Network is a web media syndicate of affiliates who are independent but mutually supportive. This network affirms the values of the Centroid Café: critical thinking, unfettered inquiry, creativity, innovation, and humor.

Channel 1 | GE Foods for You?
Currently, the Food and Drug Administration allows genetically engineered (GE) foods and food ingredients on the market without labeling and mandatory safety-testing. Is that in our best interests? 

Channel 2 | Ultra Concentrated Media Mergers
The threat of the decline of independent media is real and growing! International media conglomerates continue to merge. 

Channel 3 | Lurching to Dystopia
In dystopias, an agency or authority (often the government) is frequently shown to be in total control--the consent of citizens is irrelevant. Chaos and total social breakdown with no form of social control or human security is another form of dystopia.

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